Heaven Holds Little Appeal


I am in love with this life
The thick of it
The sick of it
Every dirty trick of it
I want to take meaty bites of it
With my own sharp teeth

I want to live this life for 100 years
Or more
And then, I want to do it all over again
and again
As a poet, a rancher, a president, a man

I am in love with this life
Every simple second of it
The bending and the break of it
The birthing and the ache of it

I don’t want to grow old and die
I want to grow bold and wise
Only to be young again
Full of spit and fire

I am in love with this life
Every bleeding drop of it
The gritting teeth and gnash of it

The challenge of endurance
The heart wrench of love
The rocky climb to summit
The sweat
The tears
The breaking pride
And quickening stride
All lead to the pinnacle
At which my heart might burst
At the beauty of it all


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