Prois Archtach Down Jacket


The Prois Archtach jacket is so amazing and warm and comfortable and classy and well built that I will probably never wear it hunting again!  No, in all seriousness I will simply buy this jacket in black to wear to my winter fancy dinners and keep the camo version for hunting.

I love this down jacket.  The length in the back is perfect for warmth and for coverage, the fit is flattering and functional, it is not cumbersome at all to wear as the only layer or as an additional layer underneath my Pro-Edition jacket.  The smaller baffles are all equally filled with down (my husband is jealous because a different jacket he just ordered had all these little gaps in the down…he was coveting my Prois!).  This jacket is warm enough to be my only jacket on even a below 15 degree day if I am hiking.

The jacket does pack into it’s own pocket.  Don’t do like I did, though, and learn the hard way which pocket it packs into.  I’ll give you a hint….pack it into the pocket that has a zipper on the inside too.  It makes it so much easier to zip it up once it is inside out.

I loved this jacket so much when it came in the mail that I wore it around the house, I wore it town to run errands, I wore it to dinner, and to a Super Bowl party.  I got compliments on it everywhere I went!  When I finally wore it rabbit hunting I started heading into the worst of the brambles to get after the rabbits.  I took one look at the thorns and one look at my beautiful new jacket and backed right the heck out of there.  Ripstop fabric or not, I was not going to risk it with this new prized possession!  This definitely will not be my rabbit hunting jacket, my Pro-Edition jacket is much better suited to handle the thorns!

The only two things that I modified about this jacket were so inconsequential that it won’t stop me from buying another one in black; I added zipper pulls to all of the zippers and I sewed a small triangle of fleece over top of the zipper at the neck so it didn’t rub against my double chin (those without the wattle need not worry).

I ordered the small (I am normally a medium in most other athletic wear) because I wanted to wear it under my Pro-Edition jacket for still hunts in the cold.  As you can tell from the photo it was still roomy enough to wear my Pro-Edition vest underneath.

As you can see, Birdie the bird dog loves the jacket too (or the elk jerky I am eating)!


It also pairs well with black skinny jeans in front of fancy steakhouses!




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