Skinny Jeans and Thigh Gap

Ladies, we are being told a lie

Because in the end it will not be our lack

Of a muffin top that is remembered


It will be the way we bite our lip

When we are nervous

Or play with our hair when we want to disappear

But be seen at the same time


It will be the color our eyes become in sunlight

In sadness

In good news


It will be the way we love

The way we mother

The way we care for each other


The false eyelashes

The botox

The gym

The paleo

It is really not for any of them


It is for us…

For this hole we feel we need to fill


But we are full

We are women

We are powerful

We are designed that way


We are designed to carry and/or

Care for life

We are designed to think and to remember

To love in our own way

Yes, our own way…not meant to be copying another’s way


We are designed perfectly

And it has NOTHING to do with

Skinny jeans or thigh gap


Spit out the lie

It is not your lie

So do not own it

Do not pass it on

For the sake of our children

Our daughters

Our friends

Spit it out

It’s a lie


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