‘Diamonds in the Snow’ by Gap Pucci

February  2019

As I plunder through the snow, the night is cold and crisp

A wolf lets out a lonely howl, he echoes through the night

My he’s mighty close!

A stallion stands on guard each night, he snickers to his herd

The mares they gather by his side, they seem to sense his might!

One can hardly see him!  He’s as black as all the night!

The shrill sound of the stallion’s voice cracks the lonely dark!

The wolves they answer back, soon we’re surrounded by the pack

Getting ready to attack!

Old Shep lets out a horrible growl, she guards her family well!

The wolves they snarl and fuss and answer with a howl!

The stallion stands his ground, with flowing mane he shakes his head

With ears laid back he blows and blows, stomps his feet,

Then bucks and rears and strikes the air!

With wild eyes and nostrils flared he bellers in the night

As if to say, my name’s Revenge, I’m the son of Starless Knight,

A Morgan horse for sure!



Starless Knight with Gap Pucci proving the power of the Morgan stallion


The master’s hands are raised up high, the wolves they circle round

They see the pistol in my hand, the stallion by my side

At last they’ve met their match, we’ll fight them to the end!


Now 23 below

Five hundred elk go thundering by in snow that’s belly deep

To angels’ heights they fly, with wolves in hot pursuit

Now God loves all His creatures, He beds them down each night

So please be careful with my friends, as they wander…

through “Diamonds in the Snow”!


The son of Starless Knight, Gabriel’s Revenge, with Gap Pucci proving the gentleness of a Morgan stallion when raised with the right master!

IMG_4084 (2)

IMG_4092 (2)


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